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How did the singer Adele lose weight?

Diet, training and desire to keep health.

How did the singer Adele managed the lose weight transformation by 40 kg? She did it for her son.

Fans loved artist and in the old form, but it did not affect her volitional decision.

Fans love the British singer Adele for a charging strong voice, which pierces to the depths of the soul. Now, all in addition began to admire her with a new tightened figure. The girl all his life before was “in the body,” and, it seems, it was not bothered at all. However, some time ago she decided to change and began to lose weight. You will know what the reason was and how the artist was able to get rid of 40 kilograms.

Why did Adele decided to lose weight?

Glory came to the singer in 2008, and she almost immediately began to defend categorically their non-standard forms before the weight loss. “Even when signing contracts, everyone in the music business knew that if someone would dare to say that I need to lose weight, he would definitely not work with me. I am not a product; no one will turn me into it. My weight is not related to my career,” said Adele boldly.

However, some time ago she still changed his life cool and recently put up the result of colossal work accordingly her weight loss pan for everyone. At the last photo in Instagram it can be seen Adele’ s figure tramsformation. What made her change her views?

Naturally, the career is not the reason. To complain about the lack of demand, popularity and recognition is not necessary for Adele. The singer has no complexes about unnecessary kilograms. The Adele herself now publicly expressed the weight loss theme, but the British press through their sources had already drawn, what pushed the girl to such a step.

Now the most important thing in the life of the singer is her seven-year-old son Angelo, and for the sake of him Adele changed the way of life. “Everyone is seen only the figure transformation, but, in fact, everything is much more complicated there. She has worsened well-being, and she realized that she had to change something. She wants to remain a healthy for the sake of the son. Adele focuses on improving the health status, more correctly take care of the body. The case was not in weight loss; it was only an additional effect after she reduced the alcohol consumption and began right diet, which also helped her in the weight loss. However, she is satisfied with the transformation of her figure. She became more positive, began to dress in a different way and in general she looks happier than before,” an anonymous source said.

It can be assumed also that the new appearance helps Adele cope with experiences in privacy: a year ago she broke up with her husband. Probably, now the artist has already overcome this difficult stage and gained harmony. As always, music helps her in this: the singer submits new songs to the public.

How did Adele lost 40 kilograms?

The first reports that Adele changed her diet plan and began to exercise hardly, appeared in the summer of 2019. She trained before, but the body building machines depressed her. “Basically, I’m just a quack, training does not give me pleasure,” she told in 2016. But then the star was ready on a lot for the sake of the son – reduced the sugar consumption, stopped smoking. “I adored smoking, but if I died from a disease caused by smoking, it would break the heart to my son. Absolutely not cool. ”

At about the same time, Adele became acquainted with the fashionable Sirtfood diet. This is a nutrition program that focuses on products that activate the production of sirtuins in the body. They regulate aging processes, accelerate the metabolism, burn fats and suppress appetite. At such a diet, you will not fasting, you can even drink red wine and there is dark chocolate, and it positively affects the state of the nervous system.

Adele lost weight with the Sirtfood diet

Adele really dropped a little weight for previous years,  in 2008 she was a real crumpet! But, obviously, she started the solution seriously only in 2019, and the total weight loss in 2020 has already reached 40 kg. “I don’t think she really likes exercising, but she changed the lifestyle. She trains, but 90% of her weight loss is a diet that helps to lose weight. The first week was especially intense when it is neccessary to drink green juices and consume only 1000 calories per day. Now she looks no thin, but gorgeous!, ”  tells former Adele’s coach Camila Gudis.

In addition to proper nutrition, Adele began to train hard. She met Gudis a couple of years ago in Los Angeles, when Camila Gudis trained Robin Williams’s wife and the best friend of singer Ida. The girl connected to classes and gradually drawn away. “When she first came to a training session, I did not know who she was. Already then thought that she would like Adele. She completely changed his lifestyle, “says Camila.

Adele does not visit gyms, preferring exercises in the home environment.

According to rumors, famous coaches help her in this: Joe Wix and Dalton Wong. The first is famous in 15-minute workouts and in the fact that during the epidemic he manages online classes for everyone on YouTube every day. Dalton also works with another Adele’s girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence. “Adele secretly exercises with these two coaches. She achieved impressive progress over the past six months, and it is clear,” a source said.

The US Weekly reports that Adele trains one hour three times a week. The workouts include cardio, circular workouts and Pilates. In addition, the girl likes the dumbbell. “She chose the program that suits her, and she likes to do more and more,” а source reports.

The Adele’s transformation was first noticed in the fall, when she published a photo with the sign: ” I used to cry but now I sweat.” It seems that now the life of the artist will play with new colors and she became ready for new achievements. One she has already achieved – she has shown that it is never too late to start taking care of yourself, and that with due motivation you can achieve a lot.

Adele reveals the painful reason that prompted her to lose weight

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